COVID-19 Statement

Updated 5th January 2021

We are continually assessing the business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 is having on the operation of our business. The health, wellbeing, safety of our employees, customers and consumers are paramount. We are preparing and acting accordingly in line with the latest UK Government issue guidance. Some measures we have already implemented include home working and ensuring only essential key workers are on site. For the minimal number of staff which remain on site, we have adjusted shift patterns to limit contact between staff. Our most recent COVID-19 risk assessment can be viewed at the following link, this has been prepared to ensure that both our colleagues and consumers remain safe.

Following yesterday’s announcements, we are pleased to advise that we are to continue to provide all 2-person home delivery services, including in-home services, such as disconnections, installations, and the assembly of products.

We take this opportunity to outlining our policy in respect of our delivery personnel entering consumers properties:


Consumers must;

  • Ensure that there is a minimum of 2 metre clear area prepared in advance of the delivery personnel arriving at the property;
  • This area must include the clearance of any product to avoid any delivery personnel having to touch any of the consumers property and/or the consumer having to remove an item in the presence of our delivery personnel;
  • Ensure that the property doors are open prior to the delivery personnel’s arrival, providing immediate access to the room of choice, where the product(s) is to be delivered and/or installed;
  • Wherever possible, ensure that the windows are open within the property where the delivery personnel will be visiting;
  • Understand the requirement for maintaining all aspects of Social Distancing and safety (avoiding surface transmission when Product enters or leaves a property) within their household;
  • No member of the household may come nearer than 2 metres of any delivery personnel nor should they be in the room where the delivery and/or installation of product is being carried out;
  • Understand, in the event of any member of the household failing to comply with any of the guidelines set out by our company, the delivery and/or installation will be immediately aborted, and the delivery personnel will leave the property with, or without, the product(s);
  • The Crew will endeavour to uplift the new Product, where it is safe to do so. Any interference by any member of the household will result in the Product being left at the property and the POD marked accordingly;
  • Understand should a Crew feel unsafe and or suspect any member of the household is unwell the delivery will not take place.

It is the householder’s responsibility to advise the crew immediately upon arrival should anyone within the household be self-isolating. If there are any household members self-isolating the delivery will not take place and must be rearranged in accordance with the company the product(s) have been purchased from. Where a collection is involved, we will only undertake this on the basis that the Product(s) is immediately and freely available from the front door.

We will ensure that:

  • Only one of the two delivery personnel will undertake the predelivery survey within the household to ensure that the delivery and/or installation is safe to take place;
  • Product will be taken to the Consumer’s room of choice, unpacked and the relevant in-home service carried out;
  • All delivery personnel will;
    • Use hand sanitiser before entering the property, with a minimum alcohol content of 80%;
    • Wear disposable type 2 R masks and latex disposable gloves during the delivery and installation process;
    • Ensure that all PPE worn during the delivery process will be securely disposed of after each delivery has taken place;
  • Photographs of the delivery and/or installation will be taken to support the proof of delivery;
  • Proof of delivery documentation will only be endorsed by the delivery personnel and a copy of the document will be left with the consumer.

Rest assured, we remain committed to providing safe and secure home delivery services to the public on behalf of our customers.

Yours sincerely

GS Deol