About 2 Man Home Delivery

2 Man Home Delivery handle product within the weight ranges of 35 – 250 KG’s.

2 Man Home Delivery provides a next day nationwide 2 man home delivery and collection service reaching 97% of the population. Their services also include:

  • Order processing
  • Storage
  • Home Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Disconnection & Installation – wet connection and “green button test”
  • In-home training
  • Returns management including inspection reporting
  • Recycling of packing materials and end of life product

2 Man Home Delivery is also able to supplement its 2 man home delivery service by providing additional personnel to handle the more difficult deliveries requiring a 3 or 4 person delivery

2 Man Home Delivery’s Passion for Home Delivery

2 Man Home Delivery is passionate about home delivery and its administration. They believe attention to detail ‘makes the difference’ and is the key to providing effective logistics – ensuring total customer satisfaction. As part of the implementation process they will work with you to jointly prepare a comprehensive manual to clearly define the operating procedures appropriate to your business. The manual will be used to train their staff in the agreed processes and for audit purposes. All processes are regularly audited by an external assessor to ensure compliance is being maintained.

Continual training and education are paramount in the provision of excellent logistics. All staff attend regular training meetings and we encourage our customers to join us during these meetings.

Management Reviews and KPI’s

2 Man Home Delivery believe in conducting regular business reviews . Using their bespoke Home Delivery System, KPIs are tailored to meet your exact needs.


2 Man Home Delivery takes a responsible stance on environmental issues recognising that its everyday business activities impact on the environment at both a local and global level. 2 Man Home Delivery is committed to protecting the environment and continues to incorporate long term environmental strategies to reduce fossil fuel consumption, prevent pollution and to move towards a sustainable future. Environmental policies are promoted internally to increase awareness and environmental responsibility within the company.

2 Man Home Delivery’s Values

  • Committed to the very best in customer service and consumer management
  • Providing competitive advantage
  • Adding value to Brands
  • Long term partnership – with customers
  • Investment in people
  • Innovative continuous improvement
  • Integrity
  • Value for money services